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Sono Motors and Pepper Electric Bus With Solar Technology Makes On-Street Debut. The Next Milestone Project for Sono Motors in its Mission of Solar on Every Vehicle as Well as a New Strategic Market Entry for Its B2B Business. 14 Semi-Flexible Solar Modules Provide Around 1.3 KW Peak to the 24-Volt
November 17, 2022
Sono Motors Gains Scania and LLT as New Customers, Putting Buses With Solar Technology on the Road in Luleå, Sweden. Several Scania Diesel Buses Operated by the LLT Public Transport Authority Have Been Equipped With Sono Motors’ Innovative Solar Technology and Are Already up and Running.
October 7, 2022
In Hall 26, Booth C02, Visitors Can Experience Sono Motors’ Complete Range of Solar Technology for Its Three Key Industries - Buses, Electric Transporters as Well as Refrigerated Vehicles Sono Motors Debuts at IAA Transportation With Four Solar Trailer Premieres In Collaboration With CHEREAU,
September 19, 2022
Sono Motors Signs Letter of Intent (LoI) With ÖPNV-Service Hagen The LoI is Expected to Lead to a Strategic Partnership With ÖPNV-Service for the Implementation of Sono Motors’ Solar Retrofit Solution for Buses, the Solar Bus Kit The New Partner is Expected to Provide Installation, Servicing and
September 6, 2022

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